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Hegel's Dialectical, Logic, Metaphysics & Phenomenology

Hegel German philosopher   (1770–1831) Immerse yourself in the world of German Idealism through this exploration of Hegel's Logic, Metaphysics, Dialectical ,  and Phenomenology of Philosophy!  Dive deep into Hegel's philosophical system with this exploration of his Logic, Metaphysics, Dialectical , &  Phenomenology! Gain insights into how German Idealism can impact your understanding of life and the world around you through a study of key concepts from each school of thought. What is German Idealism?  German Idealism is a philosophical movement that placed emphasis on understanding reality through our conceptions of it, as well as possibilities for freedom within logical frameworks. Led by German philosopher G. W. F. Hegel, this school of thought proposed the concept of Absolute Idealism - the idea that truth and becoming-ness must always be seen together, in opposition to each other, thus creating a dynamic unity between human experience and the cosmic order in which it ex