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The Rise and Fall of Rome Politics: A Fascinating Tale

   The rise and fall of Rome politics is a story of power, corruption, and intrigue. Learn about the key players and events that shaped this epic saga. The Rise and Fall of Rome Politics: A Fascinating Tale Alexander's conquests had left the western Mediterranean untouched, it was dominated, at the beginning of the third century B.C., by two powerful City States, Carthage and Syracuse. In the first and second Punic Wars ( 264-241 and 218-201), Rome conquered Syracuse and reduced Carthage to insignificance. During the second century, Rome conquered the Macedonian monarchies- Egypt, it is true, lingered on as a vassal state until the death of Cleopatra ( 30 B.C.).  Spain was conquered as an incident in the war with Hannibal; France was conquered by Caesar in the middle of the first century B.C., and England was conquered about a hundred years later. The frontiers of the Empire, in its great days, were the Rhine and Danube in Europe, the Euphrates in Asia, and the desert in North Afri