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Greeks: The Pioneers of Mathematics Geometry & Astronomy

Mathematics and astronomy From Euclid and Pythagoras to Archimedes, the Ancient Greeks were the masters of mathematics, geometry, and astronomy. Explore their accomplishments here!  Concerned in this article with mathematics, not on its own account, but as it was related to Greek philosophy - a relation which, especially in  Plato , was very close. Beginning of Greek mathematics The origins of math and geometry can be traced back to 6th century BC Greece. The Ancient Greeks were renowned for their advancements in the fields of mathematics, geometry, and astronomy. From Euclid to Pythagoras to Archimedes, discover their amazing contributions that shaped our understanding of these subjects – and continue to influence us today.  The preeminence of the Greeks appears more clearly in mathematics and astronomy than in anything else. What they did in art, in literature, and in philosophy, may be judged better or worse according to taste, but what they accomplished in geometry is wholly beyond