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The Role of Religion in 12th Century Europe

From the Crusades to the rise of monasticism, religion played a significant role in shaping 12th century Europe. Explore this fascinating topic with our in-depth guide. The Role of Religion in 12th Century Europe All these four continued into the following century. The Crusades gradually came to an inglorious end; but, as regards the other three movements, the  thirteenth century , marks the culmination of what, in the twelfth, is in a transitional stage. In the thirteenth century, the Pope definitively triumphed over the Emperor, the Lombard cities acquired secure independence, and scholasticism reached its highest point. All this, however, was an outcome of what the 12th century had prepared.  FOUR aspects of the twelfth century are specially interesting to us: Not only the first of these four movements, but the other three also, are intimately bound up with the increase of papal and ecclesiastical power. The Pope was in alliance with the Lombard cities against the Emperor; Pope Urb