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Plato who was he ? /Plato biography and contribution

Philosopher king of Plato(427-347) BCE Get a glimpse into the mind of the one and only Plato, the ancient Greek philosopher that changed history! Explore his life,  writing and see what drove him to pursue philosophy. What was the name of Plato university ?  The Academy (Ancient Greek: Ἀκαδημία) was founded by Plato in c. 387 BC in Athens. Aristotle studied there for twenty years (367–347 BC) before founding his own school, the Lyceum. Did Plato have a wife ? No. Plato didn't marry. What is Plato known for? He is best known for his dialogues, in which he explored moral dilemmas through conversations between characters based on real-life figures from the ancient world. One of his most famous works was The Republic, in which he discussed the ideal form of government for a society.  What is the Platonic ideal of love?  The Platonic ideal of love is love in its perfect and purest form. All other imperfect forms of love derive from the eternal form of love. "At touch of love everyo