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An Introduction to Epicurean Philosophy

Epicurus Greek philosopher  (341 - 270) BCE Are you looking for an introduction to Epicurean philosophy? Explore and understand Epicurus' thoughts on pleasure, suffering and good life in this beginner-friendly guide!   Epicurus was a famous philosopher and founder of the school of philosophy known as “Epicureanism.” His teachings focused on finding ways to maximize pleasure while minimizing pain and suffering in life. In this guide, we'll look at how Epicurus viewed pleasure, suffering, and the components of leading a good life. What is Epicurean Philosophy?  Epicurean philosophy is the school of thought developed by the Greek philosopher Epicurus, which emphasizes the goal of leading contented, happy and healthy lives through simple pleasures and avoiding fear-inducing pain and suffering. Epicurus believed that pleasure was the ultimate good and should be sought after, while suffering was to be avoided at all costs. He also believed that finding ways to reduce pain could lead