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Empedocles philosophy/ Love and Strife

Dive into the ancient philosopher Empedocles' philosophical thinking with this enlightening overview of some of the major theories he proposed and Explore the philosophical world of Empedocles, one of the earliest philosophers from ancient Greece. Learn about his unique theories regarding Love and Strife, metaphysics, cosmology and natural philosophy, which shaped thinking for many years after him. Who is Empedocles in philosophy THE mixture of philosopher, prophet, man of science, and charlatan, which we found already in.  He was a citizen of Acragas, on the south coast of Sicily; he was a democratic politician, who at the same time claimed to be a god. In most Greek cities, and especially in those of Sicily, there was a constant conflict between democracy and tyranny; the leaders of whichever party was at the moment defeated were executed or exiled. Those who were exiled seldom scrupled to enter into negotiations with the enemies of Greece - Persia in the East, Carthage in the We