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Anaxagoras contribution to philosophy nous atomists

Explore this idea in depth with this post, which examines the philosophy and impacts of Anaxagoras' thought.  Anaxagoras of clazomenae, an ancient Greek philosopher born in 500 BC, is known for developing the idea of the Nous  an infinite source of creative energy and intelligence that guides the universe. This concept has had profound implications throughout history and continues to be an important part of modern philosophy today. In this article, we will explore the philosophy and impact of Anaxagoras' thought. A naxagoras contribution to philosophy THE Anaxagoras philosopher, though not the equal of   Pythagoras ,  Heraclitus   , or Parmenides   , has nevertheless a considerable historical importance. He was an Ionian, and carried on the scientific, rationalist tradition of Ionia. He was the first to introduce philosophy to the Athenians, and the first to suggest mind as the primary cause of physical changes.  Who was Anaxagoras   Anaxagoras was born at Clazomenae in Asia Mi