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History of logic - Aristotle | Aristotelian Logic

Aristotelian logic and syllogism Get a deeper understanding of Aristotelian logic! Follow our comprehensive guide on Aristotle's Theory of Logic and learn about its key principles such as syllogistic & categorical reasoning.    Aristotle's Theory of Logic is one of the most influential intellectual legacies in western civilization. It introduced concepts such as syllogistic and categorical reasoning, which have been used and adapted by philosophers for centuries. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the theory and its implications on modern thought. Aristotle on logic  The Fascinating History Behind Aristotle's Logic ARISTOTLE 'S influence, which was very great in many different fields, was greatest of all in logic. In late antiquity, when Plato was still supreme in metaphysics, Aristotle was the recognized authority in logic, and he retained this position throughout the Middle Ages. It was not till the thirteenth century that Christian philosophers accor