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Who is Anaximander in philosophy

   philosophy of Anaximander (610 - 546) Anaximander was one of the earliest Greek philosophers to make bold and creative contributions to both early science and philosophy. He formulated theories around subjects such as mathematics, astronomy, cosmology, and physics which became the foundation on which much of subsequent Greek philosophy was built. He is credited with discovering the modern notion of an infinite universe populated with stars and other celestial bodies. Additionally, he championed a belief in cosmic justice, which argued that natural forces like wind and earthquakes could not solely be attributed to divine intervention. He postulated that nature followed its own laws rather than being guided arbitrarily by gods or fate. Who is Anaximander in philosophy Anaximander, the second philosopher of the Milesian school , is much more interesting than Thales .   He was an exceedingly original and audacious thinker. He was probably born about 611 B.C. and died about 547. He was a