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Henri Bergson philosophy of matter, time & evolution

Dive into the philosophical works of Henri Bergson and explore his unique ideas on time, matter, creative evolution and Laughter. From his insights on evolution to human life as an art form, gain a better understanding of what drives Bergson’s theories and how they differ from traditional philosophy.  HENRI BERGSON (1859-1941) Introduction to Henri Bergson  Henri Bergson was a French philosopher who lived from 1859 to 1941. His works spanned many topics, but his famous writings revolve around the concept of time and movement. He proposed that matter doesn’t exist as a static entity – it is, instead, a creative force that has potentiality and dynamic productivity. He argued that all life is progress, which lends itself to an ongoing evolution of thinking in the human species HENRI BERGSON  was the leading French philosopher of the present century. He influenced William James and Whitehead, and had a considerable effect upon French thought. Sorel, who was a vehement advocate of syndicali