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What Was Xenophanes's Philosophical View of God?

 Xenophanes Greek philosopher  ( 570-475) BCE Xenophanes, a 6th Century BC Greek philosopher, was known for his critiques of polytheism and Homeric poetry. His views on the idea of God are some of the most influential ancient philosophies still discussed today. In this article, we will explore Xenophanes' thought-provoking ideas about the notion of God and how it stands up to modern debate. Who is Xenophanes   Xenophanes of colophon was an Ionian by birth, but lived most of his life in southern Italy. According to scholar Xenophanes was born 570-475 BCE. Xenophanes wrote philosophy in the poetic style.  Xenophanes of colophon   believed that  all things to be made out of earth and water.  Xenophanes was the first philosopher to try to discredit the gods and Xenophanes’ most famous critique of (Greek) mythology. There was another philosopher, of less importance, namely Xenophanes. His date is uncertain, and is mainly determined by the fact that he alludes to Pythagoras and  Heracli