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Nicomachean Ethics/Aristotle theory of ethics

The Nicomachean Ethics  What does it mean to live life happily and virtuously? Dive deep into The Nicomachean Ethics & discover how Aristotle's philosophy can affect how you think about ethics. The Nicomachean Ethics, written by Aristotle in the 4th century BC, is a work that investigates the concept of “happiness” and how one should live an ethical life. It examines virtue, reason and moral decision-making to form a framework of lasting guidance for ethical behavior. greek philosopher Aristotle What is Aristotle's ethical theory ? IN the corpus of Aristotle 's works, three treatises on ethics have a place, but two of these are now generally held to be by disciples. the third, the Nicomachean Ethics, remains for the most part unquestioned as to authenticity, but even in this book there is a portion (Books V, VI, and VII) which is held by many to have been incorporated from one of the works of disciples. I shall, however, ignore this controversial question, and treat the