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The Role of Papacy in the Eleventh Century Church Reform

The eleventh century saw a wave of church reform that transformed the institution. This article explores the role of the papacy in this movement and its lasting impact on the church. The eleventh century was a time of significant change for the Catholic Church, marked by a wave of reform that transformed the institution. At the heart of this movement was the papacy, which played a crucial role in shaping the church's structure, governance, and theology. In this article, we'll explore the key events and figures of the eleventh-century church reform and examine its lasting impact on the church. Introduction to the Church Reform of the Eleventh Century. Introduction - FOR the first time since the fall of the Western Empire, Europe, during the eleventh century, made rapid progress not subsequently lost. There had been progress of a sort during the Carolingian renaissance, but it proved to be not solid. In the eleventh century, the improvement was lasting and many-sided. It began wi